February 26, 2008
EATON, announced that it has acquired 91 percent of the outstanding shares of Phoenixtec. Assuming all outstanding shares are ultimately acquired, Eaton expects to pay a total purchase price, of $568 million for Phoenixtec. 
January 28, 2008
APC-MGE announced the availability of parallel capability for its Smart-UPS VT three-phase power protection line. Customers can now easily expand their power protection system by connecting up to four Smart-UPS VT units in a parallel configuration in any combination of capacity and redundancy.
 December 2, 2007
IXYS announces the release of a new generation of fast 300V IGBTs built with the IXYS robust HDMOS IGBT process. These new IGBTs are capable of hard-switching up to 100 kHz, with current ratings of 42A to 120A. IXYS’ 300V IGBTs offer a cost-effective alternative to MOSFETs for applications such as PFC circuits, UPS systems and PWM applications.
November 27, 2007 
SOLA introduced the SDU DIN Rail 24V DC UPS, ideal for applications such as industrial computers, robotics, automation and process control. Its compact modular design offers a wide operational temperature range (0-50°C) to assure reliable and economical power protection to 24V devices on the factory floor.

October 4, 2007
CHLORIDE, announced the introduction of the new Power Lan Green UPS. Power Lan Green product range will replace the existing Power Lan 5-7kVA range, adding more features for an optimum protection of the loads. It will be available in 5kVA and 7kVA ratings and in tower version.
September 12, 2007 
FALCON announced the new line of SSG Series TM Industrial-Grade UPS Plus models from 1.5 to 3kVA to tackle harsh power environments. SSG Series is capable of withstanding elevated temperatures of up to 55ºC. 
August 9, 2007 
TRIPPLITE has introduced four new SmartOnline 3-Phase UPS Systems. Tripp Lite's new 3-Phase UPSs feature the smallest footprint cabinets in their class. Power and battery components have been combined into a single, compact module that saves valuable floor space.

July 24, 2007
Italian UPS manufacturing company BORRI has tied up with Kerala-based Unitek Power systems to enter the Indian market. Unitek-Borri planned an agressive foray into the market across India to become the market leader by the end of 2008.
June 5, 2007
The Catalan SALICRU has begun a business venture with the COTO Argentina supermarket chain, a leader in the country to which it owes its name. Salicru will provide it with and SLC.cube series UPS units. These units will provide protection for the control systems and cash registers.

May 15, 2007
PILLER announced that it will provide the power protection system for the first Tier III+ data centre to be built in the city of Greater Springfield in Australia. Named Polaris, the data centre will host mission-critical IT systems of government departments and utilities, as well as local and international companies.
April 1, 2007 
announced SoftScale™ technology. SoftScale, the first software-based approach to UPS scalability, allows enterprises to purchase the UPS capacity they need today while providing the flexibility to unlock additional capacity in the future through a software download.
March 27, 2007
POWERWARE announced the introduction of the new 9395 series 275-550 kVA UPS. 9395 is a three-phase, online UPS that delivers the higher reliability and availability for large systems by integrating the capabilities of a redundant multi-module UPS system into an integrated, pre-wired solution.
February 30, 2007 
FAIRCHILD introduces the first in a new family of high-frequency optically isolated MOSFET gate drivers capable of driving up to 30A / 1200V for increasing system efficiency and reliability in UPS applications. Exhibiting a 200ns (max) rise/fall time rate, the FOD3180 and FOD3181 quickly turn the power MOSFET on and off to limit power dissipation. 

January 11, 2007
SOLA has introduced the new S4K6U UPS which offers customers advanced on-line features in an ultra compact package. The S4K6U combines 10 kVA of power capacity, flexible output voltage, internal batteries and an integrated maintenance bypass switch all in a 6U enclosure.

December 25, 2006- MINUTEMAN UPS systems, announces its Endeavor™ On-line UPS Series combining double conversion technology. Its unique design and flexibility allows the units to beinstalled in one of several configurations depending on the situation Rack/cabinet or Tower or Wallmount configurations.
November 27, 2006- POWERWARE announced the availability of the Powerware® BladeUPS™, rack-based UPS. The Powerware BladeUPS is the latest product in it’s series of rack-based solutions that also include enclosures and accessories, along with a complete line of remote monitoring and power-quality equipment.
October 30, 2006APC and Schneider Electric , announced today that the two companies have executed a definitive merger agreement under which Schneider Electric will acquire all outstanding shares of APC. The aggregate transaction value is approximately $6.1 billion.  
September 7, 2006PILLER awarded largest project in its' history. This project is Washington DC based DuPont Fabros, that is a firm that acquires, develops, manages and operates data center, commercial offices. Their newest internet data center shall be supported by thirty-two (32) 1670 UBT modules each with associated switchgear and a standby diesel gensets.
August 13, 2006- DAUERND ENERGIE  announced the release of a new series of online UPS products. The Dauernd DR Series combines the maximum protection of true double conversion, on-line technology. The DR Series ranges from 1000VA to 3000VA in both rackmount and tower formats.
July 1, 2006- A total of 162 UPSs have now been supplied by MEISSNER to Spoornet to provide backup power to prevent disruption of equipment controlling signals and points at stations along the railway line between Port Elizabeth and Windemere cities in South Africa.
June 5, 2006- POWERWARE introduced a new series of rack-based solutions optimized for data center and IT applications, the new three-phase  BladeUPS™. Users can expand their BladeUPS implementation from 12kW to 60kW (redundant N+1) in a single standard 19” enclosure.
May 3, 2006- PILLER received an order to supply the Warsaw International Airport with a 400 Hz Ground Power Centralised System, consisting of four frequency converters, each 315kVA; one 400Hz power distribution panel with 4 inputs, each 315 kVA and 28 outlets, twenty eight Gateboxes 90kVA to 150kVA.
April 18, 2006- TRIPP LITE has introduced new SmartOnline™ Hot-Swappable Modular UPS Systems with 7.5kVA and 10kVA capacities; SU7500RT3U and SU10000RT3U. By eliminating UPS maintenance downtime, Tripp Lite’s hot-swappable modular design ensures maximum uptime for connected equipment.
March 1, 2006- POWEREX introduced a new family of 1700V devices utilizing Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor (CSTBT) IGBT technology. The new A-Series family reduces on-state losses by 35%, a level that is equal to third-generation 1200V devices.
February 4, 2006- FUJI UPS from Japan, presented its cost cutting Dual Conversion GX Series in Nürnberg, Germany. GX-Series ready to conquer Europe from 700VA - 5KVA.
January 31, 2006- LIEBERT announced it has acquired Knurr AG of Germany, whose manufacturing enclosure systems for the IT industries. Knurr joins with Liebert® brand and its recent Cooligy acquisition to build comprehensive capabilities in rack solutions and systems integration for data center.
December 6, 2005- CHLORIDE announced the availability of the upgraded 90-NET 800kVA three-phase output  UPS. 90-NET is the first ever UPS to be fitted with Chloride’s patented version of digital vector control technology, which allows unprecedented real-time control of output power quality.
November 4, 2005- TRIPP LITE has introduced a SmartOnline™ 3000VA 3U Rackmount UPS System designed to support large servers, data centers and other mission-critical equipment through prolonged blackouts with built-in extended battery backup runtime. 
October 11, 2005- ENERSYS, acquired German Battery Manufacturer, GAZ GmbH. GAZ is a producer of specialty nickel-based batteries utilized primarily in the energy, rail, telecommunications and UPS industries worldwide. 
September 1, 2005- GE has launched the new NetPro Series UPS in the power range from 600VA to 4000VA, with secure communication capabilities via USB, RS232, SNMP and Relay Interface, allowing easy integration into networking environments and industrial communication structures.
August 4, 2005- PILLER were awarded a contract to supply a UNIBLOCK dynamic power protection system to Salam Community Hospital in Ohio, USA. Based on Pillers proven flywheel technology, in a power outage, the system will provide 2.4mW of uninterrupted power to the hospital for 19 seconds.
July 26, 2005- APT EUROPE, has announced a new product line of Field Stop, Trench Gate IGBT standard power modules. These new products broaden their offering of 600V products in the SP3 / SP6-P, and introduce a complete new line of 600V, 1200V and 1700V devices in SP4 and SP6 packages.
June 28, 2005- Chris Tecca appointed to President, Danaher Power Solutions. Prior to joining DANAHER Chris Tecca worked for eight years at APC. In his last position there, he was Director, EMEA Sales & Marketing based in Paris.  
May 3, 2005- SOLA has introduced the new S4K4U UPS which offers customers a unique combination of advanced on-line features in an ultra compact package for industrial applications. This product combines 6 kVA of power capacity and internal batteries all in a 4U enclosure.
April 29, 2005- SEC BATTERY has launched new range of VRLA monobloc batteries.  The four new battery ranges are, Cellyte TSG, TUA, 12FTA, 12FTG bloc models and 2TLAM modular models and these types using new "Monobloc Catalyst Technology".
March 29, 2005- TRIPP LITE, has introduced a line of Three-Phase SmartOnline™ Intelligent True On-Line UPS systems offering 10kVA, 20kVA and 30kVA power capacities. These new UPS systems feature a wide-ranging input capability with precision-regulated output.
February 8, 2005- POWERWARE announced the introduction of the Powerware CoreLogic™ software development toolkit, the first customizable software toolkit to allow systems integrators and software developers to create a tailored power management solution for monitoring Powerware UPSs.
January 18, 2005- INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER, introduced the IRGP50B60PD, a 600V (NPT) IGBT co-packaged with an enhanced 25A HEXFRED® diode capable of operating at switching speeds up to 150kHz. The new Co-Pack device features high efficiency performance for high power UPS applications.
December 6, 2004- MERLIN GERIN UPS has launched "Enterprise Power Manager", a new centralised UPS system supervision program which enables a manager to display the detailed status of all UPSs in a network using one single interface. 
November 1, 2004- Industrial UPS manufacturer GUTOR from Switzerland, announced the successful set-up of its China office in Shanghai; an important milestone of the company’s long-term strategy.
October 22, 2004- CHLORIDE introduced an extension of its UPS System product line, the EPEM that protects emergency lighting systems for a minimum of 90 minutes. The EPEM operates magnetic ballast fluorescent, high PF compact fluorescent, and high intensity discharge (HID) lamp types.
September 14, 2004- The Catalonian UPS manufacturer SALICRU has installed several rectifier and static inverter systems for protection and security of the power supply in the control systems of the power plant for the New Tyin Hydropower Plant project, placed in Norway.
August 2, 2004- APT Europe Introduces a new product line of IGBT and Mosfet standard power modules for high voltage Zero Current Switching applications. These new modules focus on ZCS soft switching operation in power switches. 
July 30, 2004- The India based HYKON has launched a new 80 kVA online UPS with high frequency technology in the market. The new product is designed to support sophisticated equipments and motor load, which is having a high crest factor demand. 
June 9, 2004- Eaton Corporation announced the completion of its purchase of POWERWARE. "The Powerware acquisition adds new products and solutions, as well as expanded channels, to Eaton's global Electrical business" said Alexander M. Cutler, Eaton chairman.
May 27, 2004- POWEREX introduced its new NF Series IGBT, in a newly developed six or seven in one package. This design offers a 13% to 25% reduction in area, allowing for the smallest possible system design. 
April 22, 2004- Eurotel Praha, the largest provider of wireless voice and data services in the Czech Republic, has selected ACTIVE POWER’s CleanSource® technology, a flywheel-based UPS system. 

March 1, 2004- ENERSYS has introduced a new line of high rate discharge batteries ideal for UPS systems. The new DataSafe HX 12-volt product family offers better performance in high temperature applications. 
February 4, 2004- MGE has added two high-power versions to its Pulsar EXtreme C range, the 2200 and 3200. Pulsar EXtreme 2200C and 3200C are supplied with a complete rack-installation kit. In addition, this product offers individually controlled power outlets, the PowerShareTM function.
January 6, 2004- TRIPP LITE announced the newest member of the SmartPro® UPS Series, the SmartPro 5000 RT3UXR. Adaptable for both rack and tower use, this UPS system includes two 3U external battery packs to provide long standard runtime. 

December 1, 2003- SOLA UPS has improved the size-to-performance ratio of its rack mountable UPS line with the introduction of the new S3000 line-interactive UPS. Available with power ratings of 700-2200 VA, the S3000 is designed for networking or process control racks.
November 10, 2003- TOSHIBA announced new line of 1200V IGBT modules using IEGT process technology that provide improved performance in UPS applications. The IGBT-7 Series includes nine modules with rated current levels ranging from 50 A to 600 A.
October 2, 2003- Bernd Unger took over the chairmanship of the managing board of RWE PILLER. Unger, with twelve years in the RWE Group, was during the last six years company development manager at RWE Solutions. 
September 26, 2003- APLAB, the Indian UPS manufacturer, has launched the Everest range of UPS for the enterprise segment, 10 KVA to 800 KVA. The new series includes new features as DSP, software interfaces and SNMP connectivity. 

August 18, 2003- ACTIVE POWER received a new order for a 750kVA CleanSource® UPS system that will be used to protect runway lights at Vigo Airport in Spain. Shipment of this system is scheduled for the current month.
June 4, 2003- The South African UPS manufacturer MEISSNER has introduced its new Delta III series. Available in 8-30 KVA ratings with three phase input and output, the latest design also reduces the number of discrete components required by using three microprocessors. 
May 14, 2003- LIEBERT launched PowerSure PSA, a compact UPS system with capacities from 350VA to 1000VA. PowerSure PSA is designed for easy set-up and installation with configurable input voltage; with a minimum of five minutes of battery backup time at full load. 

April 29, 2003- TRIPP LITE introduced the newest additions to its the 10kVA rack/tower SmartOnline UPS product line. New models include new dual communication ports and hardwired rackmount power modules for convenient hot-swap replacement. 
March 21, 2003- STMICROELECTRONICS has introduced a 200A version -STGE200NB60S- of its PowerMESH family of IGBTs that features low forward-voltage drops at high currents, for use in UPS and SMPS.
February 20, 2003- POWERWARE has announced the new 5115 rack mount UPS. The Powerware 5115 is the latest offering in the Series 5 family of products, from 500VA to 1500VA, protecting network equipment from power problems.  

February 3, 2003- POWERKINETICS has introduced the new BlackoutBuster 1200™, its latest offering for the small business. This new product provides up to 1200VA power protection for small networks. 
January 14, 2003- APC announced a voluntary recall of two models in its Back-UPS® CS line due to potential safety issues that may result in overheating and represent a potential fire hazard. The total number of affected devices being recalled worldwide is app. 2.1 million.  
November 20, 2002- British Royal Mail has awarded CHLORIDE the contract to supply UPS systems for its Northern Data Centre, currently the focus of a major capability upgrade and expansion project. 

November 18, 2002- MGE UPS chosen to ensure non-stop operation of all race control systems and provide critical power protection for the Formula-1 Grand Prix of Malaysia and Britain, for the incoming season. 
October 1, 2002- ACTIVE POWER announced that it has successfully demonstrated full power operation of its new 1200 kVA Rotary UPS. The development of this new product remains on track and the company anticipates its first customer shipment in Q4 - 2002. 

September 27, 2002- Rotary UPS manufacturer RWE PILLER demonstrated its Powerbridge kinetic energy storage module for trains at the InnoTrans International Trade Fair in Berlin. 
August 23, 2002- Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey (EPDK) has awarded AEG UPS, to provide clean and uninterruptible power to its own main IT systems at the EPDK central building in Ankara. 
July 15, 2002- INVENSYS has announced the introduction of the BPIV UPS. Specifically designed for industrial applications, the BPIV is a true, double-conversion online UPS with advanced features. A single BPIV module can protect loads from 10 to 30 kVA.
June 21, 2002- POWEREX introduced "Mega Power Dual", a New Optimized IGBT Power Package. Mega Power Dual features a new "Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor" chip, a "Light Punch Through" process and a plug cell merged design.
May 29, 2002- TRIPP LITE celebrates its 80th year of providing power products to the computer and alternative power industries. By the 1980’s, Tripp Lite was the one of the pioneer companies to manufacture a UPS system specifically designed for desktop PCs. 

11 March 2002, The U.S. Department of State has awarded POWERWARE, five-year contracts, to ensure reliable power access at the department's 270 consulate and embassy posts worldwide. The contracts include the delivery of power security hardware, including UPS systems, generators, power transformers and transfer switches, as well as a complete portfolio of end-to-end services.

5 March 2002, MGE UPS Systems has announced changes in its management. These changes contribute to consolidating the company's growth strategy and its operations within a wider context. Jean-Claude Pucheu , Chairman and CEO of MGE since its creation in 1996, has announced the appointment of Claude Graff as CEO.

5 February 2002,  IXYS announces higher power Ultra-Fast Driver ICs for large power MOSFETs and IGBTs. The IXDI414 and IXDN414 drivers are the industry’s first power IC driver devices to integrate a 14 amperes output current, wide working voltage range and ultra-fast switching on a single chip. The IXDI414 and IXDN414 are targeted for applications in SMPS and UPS systems.

28 January 2002 IGBT modules manufacturers IR and Mitsubishi Electric will collaborate to develop, manufacture and market integrated power solutions. Seiji Wataya, Mitsubishi Electric president, said, "The strengths of both companies will enhance and expand business and increase market share opportunities."

13 December 2001, CSB Battery introduced the GPL-121000 Series of SLA batteries that are designed for use in UPS systems. They have a life expectancy of 10 years under normal float-charge conduction at 25 degrees C. and total nominal capacity of 100 Ah.

16 November 2001, APC announced plans to launch the largest static UPS available in the market in second half of 2002. APC's new Symmetra MW will offer up to 1600 kW  of power in a scaleable, modular design. In addition,  the modular system allows expansion of power capacity in 200kW increments, and the unit can be paralleled for even higher power demands.

5 November 2001,  SAFT battery has won an order worth around US$ 10million for the design and manufacture of the world's most powerful storage battery. The battery will comprises 13,760 nickel-cadmium cells, capable of supplying 40 MW of power, and is to be installed by the Golden Valley Electric Association in Fairbanks, Alaska.

1 November 2001 Exide Group has launched production of its new Sprinter S12V500, a 12-volt monobloc battery with capacity of 500 watts per cell. The Sprinter S12V500 was developed for the segment of the Uninterruptible Power Supply market whose manufacturers provide products for medium and large power systems.

12 October 2001,  Eltek and MGE UPS join forces to create the MGTEK Energy Systems joint-venture. The new company goal is to market turnkey AC & DC power solutions and services covering all telecom & internet data center markets infrastructure and applications.


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