WHY  U P S  ?

Power quality has become a critical issue. In today's economy, we depend on IT technology and other electric equipment more than ever. At the same time, this technology is more threatened than ever by increasing power problems. Your sensitive electric equipment faces a host invisible power aberration every time you plug it in. If you have been noticing Power Problems with your computers, servers and other network equipments. Selecting the right power protection equipment is an important part of the Power Protection Solution. 

You wouldn't run your high performance car on diesel fuel, so why run your mission-critical computer system on low quality power? You need to know how to avoid potential power pitfalls that can have a serious impact on the function of your computer and the integrity of your data. A common misconception is that utility power is consistent and steady. It isn't. No matter where you are, spikes, surges, brownouts and other power problems pose potential hazards to your computer or network. 

Other sources of problems are storms that can damage above-ground utility wires. The lightning that often accompanies storms is an obvious problem in itself. Older buildings may have inadequate wiring that can become overloaded and cause power failures. The resulting power disruptions take many forms including power surges and sags, high-voltage spikes, switching transients, brownouts and complete power failure. With any power fluctuation, you have the potential for data damage, data loss, file corruption and hardware damage, which is not always immediately noticeable. The damage may not be noticed until long after the power disruption.

You tend to ignore what you cannot see and continue to take commercial power for granted. The result is that when problems occur with computers, it is often assumed to be the result of hardware or software defects, when the real culprit is the power source. Such assumption can result in many hours of fruitless troubleshooting and circuit analysis, when the first priority should be to assure that the power source is clean and uninterrupted. As high technology products are upgraded, you grow more and more dependent on the AC power needed to run them. Utility power is itself not enough. For an ever increasing number of applications and programs, computers and other equipments must be totally protected to effect optimum performance. Interruptions are often catastrophic to computers, telecommunications and medical monitoring equipments.


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- Oscilloscope screens are from Hangang UPS


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